Real Jobs from Local Renewable Energy Companies

Well it’s high time we at West Michigan Jobs Group wrangle ourselves a tour of the Novi Energy digester power plant in Fremont, Michigan. We’ve seen the presentation enough times we might be able to give it. For those who haven’t seen it, you can see the Fremont digester video here.

Last night we went to a lecture in Grand Rapids titled Business Opportunities in Renewable Energy. Nothing sucks the life out of an interesting topic like calling it a “lecture” but even still, it was pretty interesting. We got to hear about area companies excelling in the renewable energy industry and putting real folks to work:

  • Burke E. Porter Machine in Grand Rapids
  • Novi Energy in Novi, Michigan
  • Simms Energy in Grand Rapids
  • Patriot Solar in Albion, Michigan

Patriot solar was an interesting one to hear about. They’re developing a solar panel in coordination with a battery company in Muskegon. Our home town!

Anything that brings work to the area is pretty exciting. Anything that brings clean, sustainable jobs to the area is even more so.

Each time I go to one of these presentations it just hammers home the absolute fact that renewable energy is putting real people to work in good jobs right here in our home town.